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“U” Are An Important Part of LFNS

Los Feliz Nursery School’s alumni base has always been a significant component of our school. From word of mouth referrals to donations of all kinds, you continue to contribute to our special school beyond your final “Sayonara.” Financial contributions or donations to specific events like our annual auction maintain the quality of LFNS that we all remember - providing enrichment for our young children and supporting the staff we love. Your support and care for our beloved preschool is always welcomed.


Introducing the LFNS Heritage Fund

This project began as an idea of how to give back, support our teachers and keep the doors open for years to come. It began as a group of parents wanting to create a secure, lifetime support system for the school, establish a wide base and have a bigger cushion for times ahead, facility improvements and unforeseen events.

On the tails of this huge upheaval with the pandemic, we’d like to focus on the livelihood and steadfastness of the school, to present this as an opportunity to secure its future, and celebrate its perseverance.

If you have moved away and/or are busy with new school commitments you can continue to support LFNS with a monthly or one time donation. Please join our alumni community in supporting the future of LFNS for many years to come.
Thank you for your support. See you on the big playground!

Ways to Contribute

  • Donate: Check out our donate tab to set up a one time or monthly contribution via Paypal or Zelle. (link)

  • Fundraise: There’s always a good fundraiser going on! Contribute items for auctions or raffles, bid on those items, or come by in-person events to say "Hi!"

  • Service: Your time spent on the school is always welcomed - email to see what the school may need for maintenance or repairs.

  • Items: Donate goods that keep the school going. We all remember how important coffee is on those work days. Other needed items are paper towels, large paper, art supplies, styrofoam, or gently used toys. Click to see the school’s Amazon Wishlist.

  • Passive Giving: Easy ways to give while you shop include Kroger, amazon smile, Minted, Scholastic, and Dine to Donate opportunities. 

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